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September 20th, 2010, 9:52 pm


Okay XD I'm having soooo much fun coloring this next page, I just needed to say something about it.

When I color in markers I use the set of Copics I've been accumulating over the years. Right now I have almost 108 of them, which is a small fortune. But they are worth their weight in gold <3 The markers are refillable, which is awesome, but because some of my markers are, literally, years old, I've started to have to buy more and more refills as each color runs out. I just dropped about $70 on new refill inks for all my browns (skin tones and tan clothes and all, ya know) and that'll last me several more years in those colors, hopefully. Unless this suddenly turns daily.

I work so much faster in traditional media, it's not even funny...

Anyway xD more rambling than news, but I thought I would tell you all how much I love my markers. Hopefully you will all love the results for the new pages <3 Drop me a note or comment to let me know when the time comes!

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