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January 21st, 2010, 11:28 am


Okay, so the page that was supposed to go up for thursday still isn't done. I hit a bit of a rough patch with migrains that robbed me of nearly a week of productivity, and I'm having a hard time pulling myself back up, getting motivated, and back on track. I'm not about to let it stop me, but I am going to take Annie back down to one page a week for a little bit.

I'm also ready for winter to be over ^^, I'm tired of being cold. Basement living has it's drawbacks.

So! Look for the next update on monday.

I am also getting ready for Katsucon. Those of you in the DC area are welcome to stop by our table in the dealer's room. I'll be working with my friends at Undiscovered Treasures on Friday, and Possibly hanging about Saturday and Sunday too. There will be teeshirts! <3

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