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Bounty Hunters

Annie Name: Angela "Annie" Duncan, "Deadeye Duncan"
Age: 21
Birthday: October 7, 2496
Job: Bounty Hunter, B class. Freelance pilot.

Annie Duncan and her younger brother were left orphans by the civil war ten years ago. They were adopted by their uncle and raised near the seat of the new federal government.

But Annie has a bit too much wanderlust to just settle down. She left home at 18, employing her considerable skill with a gun to hunt down those law-breakers and ne'er-do-wells the police can't be bothered with, and her equally impressive talent as a pilot to get herself from place to place freelance.

One day she'd like to attend a University and study Ancient History, and she has her sights set on owning her own ship, but for now she's happy to stretch her legs and see what the worlds have to offer.

Carson Name: Carson Wu
Age: 23
Birthday: April 12, 2494
Job: Bounty Hunter, S class. University Student.
Ship: Falcon

Carson Wu was 12 when the war started, but he lied about his age and joined up with the Confederates as a cabin boy on a war-ship. Over the course, he befriended one of the pilots of the fleet, who taught him more about how to fly and how to fight, and eventually left him his ship when he passed away. Several of Carson's scars date from the war, including the one that almost cost him his left eye.

After the war, Carson made Falcon his home. He teamed up with Bounty Hunters Hal and Astrid at 16, and then struck out on his own at 19.

He has a face you either love or want to punch.

Golden Lotus Trading Company

Captain Hu Name: Hu Min Bien, Mary Lee, likely others (birth name: unknown)
Age: 20
Birthday: February 9, 2498
Job: Captain
Ship: China Rose

Captain Hu enjoys being a ghost blip on the System-wide Information Network. According to the bio linked to her ID card, she was born to a middle-class family on Shangri La, got her pilot's license at 16 and her trade license at 18, working as a Captain for the Golden Lotus Trading Company. There are no pictures of her to be found anywhere, at any age.

As to the truth, it's anyone's guess. But, according to Annie's research, as "Mary Lee" she traded arms and manufactured goods, before launching a raid on wealthy medical tycoon Truro Renault's personal compound. Much of the compound was destroyed, and Renault himself killed, before the ship China rose malfunctioned on take off and went spiraling into the sun. Empty. Leaving "Mary" and her crew to assume new identities and resume their largely undocumented activities.

She is known to harbor the wanted fugitive Ecclesiastes Morgaine, and has been seen being intimately familiar with Bounty Hunter Carson Wu.

Luke Name: Lucas "Luke" Skywalker (birth name: Mike Lerner)
Age: 20
Birthday: August 21, 2497
Job: First mate and pilot
Ship: China Rose

Mike Lerner was the leader of a gang of vigilante bandits on Kanmare, who opposed the Federal government's continuing choke-hold on the planet that was once the breadbasket of the confederacy. He and his band were slated for death when Captain Mary Lee and Carson Wu showed up, and officially are.

"Lukas Skywalker" popped conveniently onto the scene in December, after the Golden Lotus was sent spiraling into the sun, killing everyone on board (which was actually nobody). Luke has a good head for business and a skill for piloting, even if he doesn't actually have the license registered with his new ID. He admires Annie's passion for flight and love of space, and wishes to become a better pilot than he currently is.

Annie seems specifically interested in him, though whether it's because he's cute, or just conveniently close to Apollo is unclear.

Apollo Name: Apollo Stardust, Zachary Lee (birth name: Ecclesiastes Morgaine)
Age: 19
Birthday: Unknown
Job: Ship's Mechanic
Ship: China Rose

Apollo works as a Ship�s Mechanic alongside Bridget. Annie suspects that he is actually Ecclesiastes Morgaine, a Bounty wanted by the Systemic Federal Government for the murder of a Senator.

He is very beautiful, and fond of clothes.

Bridget Name: Bridget O'Malley
Age: 27
Birthday: December 29, 2491
Job: Ship's Mechanic
Ship: China Rose

Bridget is very friendly and cheerful, if perhaps a bit too trusting of strangers� good intentions.

Barry Name: Barry White (birth name: Steve Chrisman)
Age: 20
Birthday: January 15 2497
Job: Cargo Handling and Security
Ship: China Rose

Barry is fairly quiet, but observant.

Joe Name: Joseph "Joe" Black (birth name: Bo Cane)
Age: 19
Birthday: April 29, 2498
Job: Security and Cargo Handling
Ship: China Rose

With his shades and trench coat, he goes for a more mysterious and enigmatic look than Barry. He also doubles as Captain Hu's personal guard when they are planetside.

Brandon Name: Brandon Walker
Age: 32
Birthday: October 4, 2486
Job: Ship�s Medic
Ship: China Rose

Brandon once fought for the Confederate Army of Shango, serving as an army Medic. He still has a sore spot for the Federal government, and the planets it is focused on.
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